April 21, 2009

With a month to go until I move to Orange County and a month and a half until our wedding, I’ve been having lots of sentimental thoughts… So I says to Steve:

C: Do you ever think that this is your last _______?
S: (silence)
C: Liike, this bottle of face lotion is the last bottle of face lotion I will buy before I’m married! Or… this tube of toothpaste is the last tube of toothpaste I will use before I’m married!
S: Mm…… I think about basketball. My last time to play bball with the guys.
C: Oh. Well then.

Obviously, we are different. However, there are many lasts! And they are quickly approaching… Makes me sad and excited at the same time.

4/20 Last time cheering for Steve in his city league (didn’t know it was a last till yesterday)
4/24 Last time hearing Steve preach at Singles
4/26 Last day of premarital
5/3 Last time meeting up with Jin & Grace!! (so thankful for them)
5/5 Last haircut before getting married
5/13 Last official day of work in my position
5/13 Last official small group with dearest Ange, Kez, & Jess
5/20 Last day of LKC nursery before Kaitlyn takes the reins
5/22 Last day of work & training Wury :]
5/23 Last wedding attended as Cathie Kimn
5/23 Last night of Maria listening to my crazy sleep-talk
5/30 Last day of hanging out with my girlfriends
5/31 Last Sunday at Lighthouse
5/31 Last LBC banquet
6/5 Last day being single


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