To-Do Update.

April 17, 2009

It’s been nearly one month since I wrote that to-do list. This is more for me than anyone else. I just want to see what I actually accomplished in a month… and what more I have to do:

-Buy Steven’s suit/alterations
-Buy Steven new dress shoes (shinier?)
-Buy Steven new necktie
-Find/buy wedding shoes (~3in. heel, possibly red?)
-Find wedding jewelry (borrow earrings from Grace Park Lee)
-Make 2nd guestbook album
-Take pictures with James (bring books this time!)
-Confirm how many cupcakes each girl is baking (GPL, JS, EL, KN, SC, YK)
-Visit umbrella rental company to check out umbrellas (open 9am-12pm Sat.)
-Buy 6 usher ties (~$10?)
-Buy Jonas/Livie gifts
-Buy two shades of orange tissue paper
-Buy rest of yarn (pinks, blues, greens – Walmart)
-Buy 2 more bags of blue candy melts (Candy Mold Central)
-Make rest of candy favors/cut tags/staple on
-Keep collecting plastic bags
-Roll rest of yarn balls & fill vases
-Buy 2 swimsuits (1pc., 2pc.)
-Buy bedframe/mattress
-Tell Joe final decision about moving–help finding a job?
-Finalize catering menu (look over with Maria)
-Revise marriage vows
-Visit Angel Catering–look at seat covers (choose ribbon color) & paebaek outfit
-Possibly borrow hanbok (Nelly?)
-Enlarge one engagement portrait
-Buy large picture frame
-Find 2nd card/cash holder
-Buy unity candles
-Look at Ikea flatware–also check Macy’s
-Ask Ange about Livie’s dress & officiant gift
-Hunt down last mailing addresses

-Recount number of seats, people eating, & invitations (how many need postage)
-Check sound system at Zion
-Make slideshow/video in advance (Steven? Sung?)
-Remind mom to bring me my baby pictures
-Find apartment (3/28 OC)
-Get marriage licence (3/28)–find out legal names for Hong parents

-Change name
-Find a garter (Ashley?)
-Finalize invitations (buy spray mount, practice calligraphy, cut paper, stuff, buy stamps)
-Talk to Esther/Grace about programs
-Ask Julie unnie to drop off/pick up from airport
-Determine chauffeur (Dale?)
-Special song–ceremony (Julie, Mike, Karen?)
-Choose first dance song–live performance?
-Plan games (e.g. marrieds kissing)
-Figure out other performances (Julie/Karen, DYun/Amy?)
-Remind Becky/DAhn about 5 min toasts
-Choose music for ceremony (prelude, candle lighting, processional, bridal processional, hymn, honoring parents, recessional)
-Get haircut (cut thicker bangs)
-Think about flower hair alternative?
-Cut luggage tags/string
-Make bride/groom & shinbu/shinlang signs for sign-in
-Buy styrofoam balls/wire
-Borrow hot glue gun

-Buy sticks for table numbers
-Figure out how to incorporate quotes/verses (back of table #, back of program?)
-Second makeup trial (Amy help)
-Figure out printing/cutting with Theresa Pyle
-Check material of aisle runner–talk to Mary Ann

-Plan schedule of wedding rehearsal/rehearsal dinner–make guest lists
-Borrow Sarah’s dress for b-shower
-Find/borrow dress for rehearsal dinner?–ask mom
-Figure out name cards (alphabet lists, individual name cards?)
-Make table numbers (fabric-sewn? scrapbook paper glued?)
-Choose which veil to use (or have Rose cut Tiff’s)
-Buy plane tickets to fly up north after honeymoon

Some things we didn’t need to do after all. And now there are some more things to do. But it’s coming together… I just have to hold it loosely.


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  1. stevenhong Says:

    This list scares me, haha.
    Ok, time to eat salmon.

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