April 13, 2009

Steve and I spent the weekend in Orange County with his family, celebrating his dad’s 65th birthday. I suppose I should call him Dad now too… haha. We drove up to Santa Barbara, went wine tasting, went to the local grocery and bought sandwiches for a picnic, bought ice cream on the pier, and had Dale take awesome photos of the family. :] There is still a part of me that holds back from being myself (does it ever go away?), but much of those fears I had the first time I met them have dissipated. I love Steve’s family… their affection, their warmth, everything. I love that his mom is so transparent… she says what she thinks and feels without a second thought. That puts me at ease, because I know when she says she loves me, it’s as simple as that–she just loves me. I love the chemistry between his parents. They are way ahead in years, but they’re still so playful in their bickering and joking. It gives me hope that when we’re in our fifties and sixties, we’ll still express our love for each other in that tangible way that makes others smile. I love the tight-knit bond between his siblings. They really enjoy spending time with each other and look forward to days of lounging around at home together. I love that everyone laughs with freedom. I love the way that they baby me. I love their individual personalities and the way they express their affection toward everyone else… I feel so blessed. Here’s a picture of me with Mommy Hong and my new sisters:

Los Olivos Grocery

Los Olivos Grocery

Dale is getting really good at this photography business. Makes me want to learn!! :]

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