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March 14, 2009

We took our real engagement photos two weeks ago with Ryel J Hendrickson. She’s a super sweet & stylish photographer, who is incredibly easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable from day one. I think that’s what drew me to her… I loved that I could be myself around her and laugh like I normally laugh–loud and with my head tilted back! :] At any rate, I had my doubts about my decision to go with her, just like I have had with basically everything in this whole wedding planning process. (It’s crazy how one person’s off-hand comment can turn my world upside-down. Just goes to show how much I care about what people think.) But we got our preview today, and I am very happy. It is exactly what I wanted–cute, artsy, vintage-y, natural, and HAPPY.

Here’s one of the ones I love the most:

Heritage Park

Heritage Park


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